Chatbots in Banking and Financial institutions

The Advent of a Personal Finance Assistant

Banking and financial institutions are growing at an exponential rate. The finance sector has always implemented advanced technologies to render fast, secure and reliable performance.

Automation and its various implementations like chatbots have been the most recent adaptation by banking and financial institutions across the globe. They have been introduced to upgrade their customer service, employee productivity and overall efficiency of the organisation.

The finance industry is huge and caters to the demands of a diverse range of customers. Be it a thriving business or a growing start-up or individual customers, it is the responsibility of banks to keep up with their finances. The entire finance industry is expected to render excellent service with the help of automation and its solutions. 

Banking and other financial institutions make extensive use of Chatbots in their daily functioning but it is important to understand the particular scenarios where Chatbots are making a difference.

A Finance Assistant

Chatbots embedded with banking websites, apps and other platforms ensure easy user experience. Banks’ online presence attracts more users because of its easy interface and interactive features.


General Information about customer’s account is now just a click away with a chatbot.

Online banking comes with a bunch of formalities! Chatbots are capable of quickly and easily updating relevant documents and contact details.

The personalized bot can also generate a request for debit and credit cards, passbooks, forms, papers and other formalities on your behalf!

Customer Service Just Got Better

Finance sector attracts a wide range of customers which means that they are regularly bombarded with issues, queries and concerns all year round. It is observed that around 80% of these queries and updates are generic and repetitive. A chatbot can respond to these customers in a fraction of a second.


Customers no longer have to wait long hours to get their grievances addressed. A chatbot is a smart, quick and efficient agent that attends to all complex as well as simple queries of customers and raises a ticket if human intervention is required.

A Portal for Employees

Chatbots not only serve customers but are also equally excellent when it comes to employees. Chatbots make sure they solve all employee queries, be it managing sick leave, salary or an array of other issues. A quick solution by the bot leaves behind happy employees and enhanced productivity at workplace.

Banking Just Got Easy

Banking is one of the most prominent sectors but also the most dreaded ones! Chatbots working with banking and financial institutions are set to drastically transform the user experience. 

From an updated bank account directly in your message to transferring money with just a click, a chatbot is like a personal finance assistant to its users.


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