Keeping Up with The Bots

What is it and Why do you need it?

An agent who attends to your customers in a fraction of a second. It never tires, takes no leave and renders excellent customer service all-round the year. This conversational agent is known as ‘Chatbot’.
It is an amalgamation of advance algorithms for classification and natural language processing for adding context to real time customer queries.

This human like machine is backed by complex, reliable and intelligent coding. Chatbot is a virtual assistant to all stakeholders of the company. Be it customer queries, employee complaints or generating leads, a chatbot is always a click away!

A Glance at the Market

If you think this technology is naive, you are probably wrong. 85% of all customer interactions are handled by a Chatbot in 2020 and its market size is projected at $1.3 billion in 2024.

The numbers signify a promising future but what is more lucrative for business owners is that fact that Chatbots drive unprecedented savings in every organisation.

Chatbots have captured the market and have become so popular in a relatively short span of time. The reason for this increasing adoption of chatbots is the fact that chatbots are suitable for multiple scenarios.

A Perfect Match

Chatbots serve an array of purposes. If a customer is in a midst of an issue, a bot will pop right away and solve every generic query. A troubled employee will get immediate attention and productivity at work place won’t be compromised.

All businesses that communicate with other parties need a chatbot to make their communication as effective, efficient and productive as possible. Chatbots keep the targeted consumer engaged and happy.

A chatbot answers repetitive questions, initiates transactions and other formalities, keeps the conversation fun and serve potential, targeted and real consumers to the best of their abilities. Chatbots are also capable in sending promotional messages, new offers and other advertisements directly on customer’s personal device. This makes chatbot an effective tool of marketing also.

The Verdict

The Artificial Intelligence software keeps your customer engaged, gain easy insights while in conversation and acts an as automated yet effective marketing agent.

Apart from all the front-end benefits, chatbots save 30% on operational costs too. They eliminate unnecessary costs and drives up revenue in the business organisation.

Chatbots, other than integrating on organisation’s website, are also embedded on all major social media platforms which positively influence the brand’s online presence.

The web has become an increasingly space as it hosts a wide variety of organisations. A chatbot is one of the technologies that help your company stand out!

Join the league of 1.8 billion people already using chatbots and experience the magic for yourself.

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