Decoding Chatbots

Understanding the Magic Behind Bots  

A machine answering every generic customer query in a fraction of a second and alerting ‘real’ humans in case of complex queries. Yes, that’s what chatbots are all about!

Chatbots became immensely popular back in 2010 but they continue to grab the attention of companies that deal with customers in some way or another.

In today’s day and age, business organizations are working hard to cater to the needs of customers whose attention span is diminishing day by day. “On average, a troubled customer is switching to the next website in no more than 6 seconds if the issue remains unsolved.”

Chatbots are in service without a break, understand consumer behaviour and become the best marketers for your business when required. It sounds magical and maybe it is. Magical technology to transform customer, employee communication and strategic marketing. Let’s understand the set of technologies that constitutes a chatbot.

At first sight, chatbots are just like any other application, an application layer, a database and API’s. But like other, chatbots don’t have an extensive user interface.

Probably the most prominent distinction between chatbots and other applications is the ability to understand human intent. Developers indulge in conversations with chatbots to train them. The training is at a large scale to accommodate all possible use cases.

Chatbots continuously learn and not just in the developing phase. Even in the deployment phase, smart learning feedback loops that enable them to learn and train themselves even when an actual conversation with different stakeholders is taking place.

Chatbots get better every time somebody uses them. This unique set chatbot apart from other technologies available on the market. It’s just a matter of a few years when chatbots would mark its presence in literally every organization.

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