Decoding Chatbots

Understanding the Magic Behind Bots   A machine answering every generic customer query in a fraction of a second and alerting ‘real’ humans in case of complex queries. Yes, that’s what chatbots are all about! Chatbots became immensely popular back in 2010 but they continue to grab the attention of companies that deal with customers

Types of Chatbots

And which one is the best for you? More than 200 billion customer requests are entertained every year and this translates to trillions of dollars for the company. This scenario is soon changing with the advent of chatbots. These ‘conversational agents’ carry within themselves the capability of answering more than 80% customer queries without human

Chatbots in Banking and Financial institutions

The Advent of a Personal Finance Assistant Banking and financial institutions are growing at an exponential rate. The finance sector has always implemented advanced technologies to render fast, secure and reliable performance. Automation and its various implementations like chatbots have been the most recent adaptation by banking and financial institutions across the globe. They have been